Acting.  I'm a union film and TV actress. Check out my resume and demo reel!

"I had the pleasure of directing Hayley in a music video for Montreal-based alternative band, The Damn Truth. Hayley shone as a lead. She is incredible at taking direction, but always puts her whole self into the role. One of the scenes demanded that Hayley’s character play the violin and sing. Since we weren’t recording any sound, I told her that she didn’t actually need to play or sing, I just wanted to see the motions. Instead Hayley took the scene and brought it to a whole other level by improvising a song on the spot. Even with no knowledge on how to play the violin she played however she could and with a bit of direction, we were able to make it look very real. That was the moment I knew I had cast someone really special. She’s a dedicated, talented, intuitive artist and a ray of light. I loved working with Hayley and will continue to do so."

-Erica Orofino,
Paper Frame Productions

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